Proposed Detailed Itinerary – Europe Study Tour 2018


April 2018

The College is planning a school-based trip in 2018 to Europe for students studying Ancient History, Modern History, Italian and Art during the April School holidays.  Many of you may have heard about the wonderful trips over the past years that have been so successful and we would like to offer the same opportunity to senior students in 2018.

A proposed outline of an itinerary can be found below.

More information will be available to interested students early next term, including an information evening for interested parents and students

Day 1: Thursday 12th April – Depart Sydney

Day 2: Friday 13th April – Arrive Rome

Day 3: Saturday 14th April – Medieval Rome

Day 4: Sunday 15th April – Classical Rome

Day 5: Monday 16th April – To the Bay of Naples

Day 6: Tuesday 17th April – Herculaneum and villas

Day 7: Wednesday 18th April – Pompeii

Day 8: Thursday 19th April – To Berlin

Day 9: Friday 20th April – Berlin

Day 10: Saturday 21st April – Berlin

Day 11: Sunday 22nd April – To West Flanders

Day 12: Monday 23rd April – Flanders battlefields

Day 13: Tuesday 24th April – To the Somme Valley

Day 14: Wednesday 25th April – To Paris

Day 15: Thursday 26th April – Versailles

Day 16: Friday 27th April – Depart Paris

Day 17: Saturday 28th April – Arrive Sydney