Updating Health Details
The College maintains a commitment to ensuring the health and well being of our students at all times. Please contact the College office at anytime if your daughter has:
+ Been diagnosed with or changed her asthma medication or management plan.
+ Been diagnosed as allergic to particular foods or has identified new allergen triggers.
+ Developed a chronic health condition that may impact on her learning.

+ Had any previous medical condition that has now improved or has a new management plan.
It is the expectation that students requiring asthma medication and/or Epipens will carry these on their person at all times. The College maintains a number of emergency units throughout the school and for use on excursions and sports events.
From the Accounts Department
Thank you to all families who have settled their term two accounts. Term two accounts are now overdue. Please contact the College accounts office to settle your account.
If you wish to change your installment plan for 2018, please email Enquiries regarding fees and payments can be made by phoning the Account s Department . All conversations are strictly confidential. Thank you for your support of Bethany College.