Sailors with Disability

Last week students from the social skills group joined volunteers from the charity Sailors with Disabilities, for a wonderful day of sailing. We left from Rushcutters Bay and sailed around Sydney Harbour with the students learning valuable skills not in only in how to sail but effective teamwork and communication. The aim of the day was for students to have an experience where they can reflect on what they achieved and say “I can!”

The students are to be commended on their enthusiasm and willingness to get involved and learn how to put up sails, tie ropes, steer the boat, tack and jibe.

Sailors with Disabilities is a not-for -profit organisation that made this day possible. They do great things for students around Australia and it was wonderful making this connection with them.


“I was slightly scared of moving near the edge at first but I quickly got used to it. Tacking and steering the boat was really fun! For the first time, I finally got to stand at the front of the boat like how Rose did in Titanic!

I became a bit sleepy near the end of the sailing trip, It was really peaceful and relaxing, having the wind blowing against our faces and waving to other people who are also out at sea was a fun and it felt great! This is truly a memorable experience for me and I’ll always remember it.”



The sailing helped me build confidence and even though I thought I would fall off the boat you reassured us that there’s nothing to worry about. In the beginning I had no idea about how to sail and what we had to do but in the end I learned so much like what tacking is and what jibing is. Overall I had a great time sailing.”



“The volunteers were very helpful, welcoming, kind and took great care of every student and made sure nobody was left behind. The charity is a great organisation and it was very nice of them to dedicate their time doing something really special like this for free.

I had a wonderful time sailing around Rushcutters Bay and seeing all my friends very happy, and I learnt a thing or two about sailing.”