SCC Dance Competition 25 June 2018

Over the past two terms during sport time, lunchtime and after school 12 student choreographers rehearsed 55 dancers for this competition.


Overall 1st – Rosebank

Overall 2nd – Bethany College Hurstville

Overall 3rd – Marist College Penshurst

Overall 4th – All Saints Liverpool 


Section 1: Tap – Bethany 3rd Place Choreographers: Georgia Scott & Louise Robinson


DancersAnastasia McNeil, Tejal Meisuria, Juliette Newbery, Louise Robinson, Georgia Scott, Danielle South, Zoe Stragalinos, Elly Vazouras, Janna Moellan  Reserve – Jacinta Mioduszewski


A huge congratulations to the dancers in this troupe, for working hard every lesson and starting the competition with great energy. Remarkable job tappers for rocking the competition and coming home with green. Well done!



Section 2: Hip Hop – Bethany 3rd Place: Choreographers: Roselyn Mae Pasia & Karli Agathopoulos

Dancers – Karli Agathopoulos, Alessia Colagiuri, Tahlia Genlik Shona Griffin, Grace King, Alana Kucinic, Juliette Lepine, Tiffany Prusac, Maddy Stojanovski, Rachel Tannous, Tara Kapila

After 6 years of being with B-Crew, I am so proud to see these girls come together and hold up the legacy of B-Crew. The energy and attitude you brought to the stage had you girls looking like champions to me. So proud and amazed by all your efforts and talent. A huge thank you to Karli, my co-choreographer and I’m looking forward to performing with you all for the last time at CGSSSA! – Roselyn



Section 3: Folk – Indigenous = 3rd Place: Choreographers:  The Wise & Marshall sisters


DancersMadelyn, Elise, Tahlia Wise, Olivia & Gemma Marshall






Section 4: Modern – 4th Place: Choreographer: Katrine Barnes

Dancers Isabella  Bonanno, Chelsea Cibalevski, Olivia Graham, Katrina Kartsiotis Elly Vazouras, Natalie Vucic and Tahlia Wise

This work was developed in class to teach the composition process to Year 9 elective students. The visual stimulus was the Blue Planet II Episode 5: The Green Seas – The music by Hans Zimmer lent itself to a theme and variations structure.We look forward to performing this at the 7-9 Academic Awards in Term 3.




Section 5: Junior Jazz –  2nd Place Choreographers: Elise Wise, Alana Kucinic & Gemma Marshall

Dancers Amelia Bohringer, Anthea Filippakis, Brisa Gallo, Kayla Hamilton, Sharon Ho, Shannon Ho, Maryssa Kanellos, Kiara Masella, Orania Petrelis, Isabella Polimenakos, Paris Serban, Marni Wood Reserve –  Angelene Angelis





Section 6: Intermediate Jazz – 2nd Place Choreographers: Anastasia Frost & Juliette Newbery


Dancers Kimberly Boediman, Chelsea Cibalevski, Sarah Chapman, Tahlia Genlik, Olivia Graham, Juliette Lepine, Tyana Petrevski, Tiffany Prusac, Isabella Santillana, Rachel Tannous, Elly Vazouras, Alyssa Zagari  Reserve – Grace Maidens





Section 7: Senior Jazz – 3rd Place Choreographers: Alessia Colagiuri & Maddy Stojanovski

Dancers Shae Acevski, Sofia Canestro, Alessia Colagiuri, Shona Griffin, Tara Kapila, Natalia Kaskoutas, Grace King, Maddy Stojanovski, Karli Agathapoulos  Reserve – Zoe Stragalinos





Katrine Barnes

Year 8 Coordinator