Year 8 Science Powerhouse Museum Excursion


On Tuesday the 14th of November, Year 8 had the privilege of going on an excursion to the Powerhouse Museum in Pyrmont. The first exhibit that we looked at was Experimentations. We learnt experiments occur in everyday life from using a battery to the science behind a lightning strike. They had many interactive things to do like a plasma ball, peddling on a bike to make a fire engine siren work and sitting in an electric chair to find out how much energy was running in our body. The second exhibit we went to was the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This taught us the importance of saving the earth and it’s resources. It showed us ways to help the environment in the lounge room, kitchen and bathroom. This was very interactive as we got to use different appliances like we would in our own home and see how much energy we use. The third exhibit we saw was the Space. We were able to go inside a real life space shuttle and go inside a zero gravity chamber. We learnt the lifestyle of an Astronaut in space and different space shuttles and satellites that have been launched into space. We are able to go to other exhibits of our choice. The year favourite was the Wiggles exhibition. This had very interactive activities like making your own rose with Dorothy the Dinosaur, sending postcards to Wags the Dog and a dance party with the famous children’s band. We finally got to visit the Design and Technology exhibition. This was the Year 12 HSC students showcasing their amazing ideas for the future of design. All of the designs were completely out of the ordinary and amazed all of the students. Year 8 had an amazing time at the powerhouse Museum and learnt so many things about science in our daily lives in the past, present and future.

Abbey Djundja (Year 8 Science students)