Science News



The theme of National Science Week’s ‘Drones, Droids, Robots’ was tested by students on 26th August in an exciting quiz ! At lunchtime, around 50 students (38 groups) participated in this quiz to learn more about Science, test their knowledge and have lots of fun !

The questions, based on the theme, catered to all year groups so everyone could have a fair attempt at the questions or have an educated guess.

Congratulations to Indigo Arman in Year 10 for winning the Science Kahoot and a box of Mars Celebrations !

Below are a sample of questions that were attempted by students. Also, if you have time or just love Science, the kahoot is available by creating an account at:, go to ‘Public Kahoots’ and searching ‘National Science Week’.  Fun for the whole family.

Thank you to everyone who came and participated in the competition. A special thanks to Isabella Aleksovska and Dinuki Algama for their help in making everything run smoothly. I hope everyone learned a lot and worked well as a team ! Congratulations !

Fiona Pelosi (Year 12 Chemistry student & Science Prefect 2016)