Secondary School Leadership Program

On The 5th of June, the leaders of Bethany College (Siena Dal Bianco, Cassandra Manning, India Mix and Alana Jones)  were presented to participate in the 2019 Secondary Schools Leadership Program at NSW Parliament House, Sydney. This civics and citizenship program offered us the opportunity, along with Year 12 leaders from other schools in our area, to develop our knowledge of our system of government and parliamentary proceedings, and the role of the Governor.

Upon our arrival at NSW Parliament House we listened to six members of parliament: in particular Mark Coure (Member for Oatley)  who invited us to be apart of this incredible experience. They spoke about their journey, to where they are today, and some of the important lessons they learnt along the way regarding leadership and how to achieve what you desire. We were delighted to get the opportunity to also meet Gladys Berejiklian, the Premier of NSW who was also one of the important speakers on the day.

After a short lunch break, the session was followed by a Question and Answer with the members, which led to an engaging discussion on a whole range of subjects.  We sat in the Lower House hearing the different opinions on important topics in Parliament. Bethany College also got a special mention when “Mr Speaker” gave his address before commencing.

It was a great experience for the leaders of  Bethany College to understand the importance of how leadership within any forum is held with great pride, great ideas and open minds about any topic of interest in order to improve the environment in which we work in.

Thank you to the teachers for this opportunity as well as the individual selection in representing Bethany College at the Secondary School Leadership Program Luncheon.


Written By: Siena Dal Bianco (Year 12 SRC)