School Photos

Advanced Life Photographers will be at Bethany College in order to take class and individual photographs of Years 8-12 students on Tuesday, April 20. Sibling photos for all students will also take place on this day. Please disregard the previous date advertised.
Orders for packages can be placed securely online at using the school’s unique 9 digit Online Order Code: HZC FK4 YXH.
If you do not wish to order photo packages on-line, please ask your daughter to pick up an order envelope from Student Services before photo day.  This envelope will need to be given directly to the photographer on the day.  

Please note:  If paying by cash, please ensure you have the correct money as neither the photographer nor the College will be able to give any change.
Your daughter will need to be in full summer school uniform, including badge, with hair and grooming expectations as specified in the College Diary. 
A note will be sent home to parents at a later date.


Ilham Ayoub

Leader of Teaching Administration