SNOG – “Laugh Your Head Off” Gala Fundraiser

On Thursday the 21st of June, ten students from Bethany College gave up their night to volunteer at the “Laugh Your Head Off” Gala fundraiser, in support of the Sydney Neuro Oncology group. The night, which was held at Doltone House, Hyde Park, was full of glamour, laughs and talent, but also included personal testimonies of loss and hardship due to a personal experience with brain cancer. It was a true celebration of life in the face of suffering, and a demonstration of incredible strength, resilience and gratitude for friendship when life deals a difficult card.

Brain cancer is an unfortunate reality which has turned many lives upside down, including some who are dear to the Bethany Community. It was therefore no trouble to ask for student volunteers to assist in raising money for Brain cancer research, a group of students who are already naturally wired to respond to opportunities to serve others.  The girls wore their uniforms with pride as they sold raffle tickets, interacted with guests and assisted wherever they were needed to ensure that the night ran smoothly and resulted in the raising of as much money as possible.

We would like to thank Mrs Martha Rice and her family for inviting us into her story and allowing us to be part of such a wonderful night. Her moving speech and clear passion for life touched all present, including our students who were able to witness the true embodiment of womanhood at its finest and perseverance in times of trouble.

The goal for this evening was to raise $100,000 and thanks to the efforts of all at the evening, over $133,0000 was raised.

We also thank the following Bethany volunteers for doing such an excellent job in representing the college:

  • Abbey Hoy (Yr 10)
  • Alysha Kapila (Yr 10)
  • Monique Makisi (Yr 10)
  • Catherine Calavrias (Yr 10)
  • Isabella Aawad  (Yr 10)
  • Georgia Horne (Yr 11)
  • Deahna Sarigiannis (Yr 11)
  • Hannah Jackson (Yr 11)
  • Julia Pejkovic (Yr 11)
  • Mia Attard (Yr 11)




Rachael Bakhos

Student Leadership and Youth Ministry Coordinator