Social Justice News

On Friday the 14th February, Bethany College hosted a dance party to raise funds for those in our community who have been affected by the recent bushfires. Thanks to the combined efforts of the staff, the Year 12 leadership team and members of Year 9 who collected donations at the door and Year 8’s who sold Valentine’s lollipops, we managed to raise an amazing total of $747 to donate to the St Vincent de Paul Bushfire Appeal. It was wonderful to see the support of the whole school for this amazing cause. A special thank you to Mrs Colreavy and Mr DJ Laguzza, without their time and effort this initiative would not have been able to happen. 

Dinethi Algama

Following on from Bethany College’s recent successes, you may be aware, there is a Bupa Aged Care facility located just behind Bethany. From my experience volunteering there, I have formed strong connections with residents who have taught me several lessons about patience and respect as I have been exposed to many realities about life that I wouldn’t have encountered before.  

Here are some of the experiences of other girls who also volunteer there. 

Dinethi Algama, Social Justice Prefect, Year 12

“(Volunteering) It is such a rewarding experience to meet the elderly and to listen to their stories. A lot of them don’t have any family that can visit them so they really value the companionship that we can give them. They love having someone to talk to or play games with. It’s amazing to be able to provide them (with some company).” 

Georgia Marks, Year 12

“This is my 4th year there, and as always it is a very rewarding experience. There is one moment at the nursing home that I hold particularly close to my heart. There is an elderly resident, who due to complications, is unable to form proper words and sentences. His speech disorder makes it very hard for us to communicate but we spend time reading to him and playing games. One day when we were saying goodbye he managed to say the words  “I love you”. That was the first and only time we have heard him say something clearly and so we were overwhelmed with happiness.”

Isabella Staninoski, Year 12

“I started volunteering as a means of completing my community service component of the Duke of Edinburgh Award program. However, after the first visit, I instantly felt a connection to all the beautiful people that I met and got to know quite well. They shared their life stories and offered insightful advice. Our conversations not only prompted laughter at times but were so profound that I remember them still to this day. This, not mentioning the numerous other reasons, is why I continue to volunteer, with each week creating new memories and experiences that have truly impacted my life.” 



If anyone is interested in volunteering, Bethany College is currently looking for volunteers for the Open Day and Scalabrini Bexley has recently reached out to Bethany asking for student volunteers. I really encourage all girls to participate as it truly is a wonderful experience and you truly get more than you expect. 


Lingee Bai

Debating Prefect – Year 12