Social News

There have been lots of social events happening in Term 4 including a fun morning at Zone bowling for Year 9 and 10 students, a movie and lunch for Year 7 students and a day on a yacht for Years 8 and 9. 

The bowling competition was fierce but Lilly, Angelina and Nicole came out as champions! A lunch followed with lots of socialising and laughter. All students are to be commended on their enthusiasm and bowling skills.

Year 7 students went to the movies to see the long awaited premiere of Frozen 2. The movie didn’t fail to entertain and girls continued to talk about it throughout the day. Lunch in the food court followed and then some shopping, Kmart was very popular.

The sailing excursion didn’t quite happen due to the bad weather, however we did spend time on the yacht with the highlight being going up the mast- lots of girls had to fight their fears but they all did it! It certainly was not for the faint hearted. Thank you to the volunteers from Sailors with Disabilities who generously gave their time and volunteered to have us on their boat.

Well done to all!

Rachael Colreavy