Social Skills Excursion

On Monday 10 students from the Social Skills Group visited Jamaica Blue Cafe Hurstville for morning tea. Students practised various skills such as choosing food and drink items from a menu, budgeting, ordering their food using clear language and good manners, being mindful of others around them and using correct table manners.  Students enjoyed milkshakes, muffins and hot chips. Mrs Colreavy loved her cappuccino and Miss Cox enjoyed her chips with aioli. The students were able to chat with their friends and practise their conversation skills. Students not only enjoyed the delicious food but also the company of their friends and being away from school for an hour!

The staff at Jamaica Blue were very accommodating and we were so pleased to find out our waitress was an ex-Bethany girl!

Well done to all girls on such a lovely outing.


Mrs Colreavy and Miss Cox

Learning Support