Society and Culture

The Society and Culture Class of 2017 have officially embarked on their journey to completing their PIP (Personal Interest Project). To mark the commencement of this exciting major work Ms Maish’s class attended a Society and Culture PIP conference. This day-long conference involved us live streaming the event on the 25th October. This incursion gave us the opportunity to gain a clear insight on what the HSC project was all about, by providing us with the ‘do’s and don’t’s’ in the creation of our own unique case study.

The day started off with an introduction and a university student who completed his PIP a few years back, who had come to share his experience and any tips he picked up along the way. Then we moved onto a course on how to apply research methods.

Throughout, Ms Maish provided us with a range of snacks and a good lunch.

There was also a Hip Hop performance which was greatly entertaining but all the while educational and enlightening- a contemporary subject providing us with food for thought.

The day ended with students from the crowd getting interviewed about their PIP ideas and the organizers gave some very helpful tips that were useful for everyone. Questions were asked from the crowd and from online- where we were able to communicate to them from the boardroom using Twitter.

By the end of the day brains were sparked and there was a new insatiable desire to find a unique contemporary issue.

I think it’s safe to say everyone came out of that with a variety of ideas, and I for one came out with a new-found motivation to complete the PIP and year 12. A Personal thank you to Ms Maish for organising this wonderful day.




Vitoria Camporeale and Dakota Martin

Year 11 Students