St. Michael’s Youth Mass

Bethany College organises a monthly youth mass at St Michael’s Catholic Church Hurstville, aiming to engage attendants with the Catholic faith in a communal setting, whilst demonstrating support of youth ministry events within the local parish. These masses are held at 6pm on Sunday evenings once a month, and are a wonderful opportunity to live out Bethany’s values whilst sharing in the celebration of the Eucharist. 

There are many different roles to be filled including singing, reading, altar serving and more, which students can nominate themselves for using a google document shared monthly by Mrs Kennaugh via Compass. 

The next youth mass is at 6pm next Sunday the 9th of February, and students are more than welcome to bring their friends and family. Hope to see you there!

Kind regards,


Sebastian Laguzza 
Youth Ministry Coordinator / English Teacher / Head of Media Team