Student Voice

Study Skills

On Thursday, 21 June, Year 8 attended a study skills evening which benefited our ability to study and learn. This evening provided us with many skills that we can use to study.

Prue Salter came and spoke to us about  studying smarter not harder. She equipped us with many guides that will help us study  the most effective way. These include, making lists of what you need to get done and organising workloads. We also learnt about the most efficient home environment that will help you study with different systems we can try that will improve the way we work.

We discussed how we can eliminate of distractions such as phones and TVs. With our action planner we can effectively get rid of these distractions while we study. Organising our diaries and planners was a big help to improve our study time and working though what we need to get done. Prue gives us different ways to study such as Brainstorming, writing out what has happened in each lesson in your own words and making a list of key points as part of a topic. There were so many more but it all comes down to what works for you.

Organising your time, work and homelife can be difficult but with Prue’s guide we are able to manage our workloads and organise ourselves to work the most efficient way possible as we learnt many new skills and tips to block out distractions, study and manage our time. Prue Salter’s guides were an amazing help and I can’t wait to put them to good use. This evening was a success.


 – By Natalie Lupo – Year 8