Study Skills Tips – Starting Assignments Straight Away

Courtesy of P Salter (ELES)


Does your student ever leave their assignments until the last minute? Well here are 5 reasons you can give your student to start work on their assignments immediately.

GET YOUR BRAIN THINKING ABOUT THE TOPIC: At the very least, read through the requirements of the assignment on the day you get your assignment. Even if you are not thinking about it directly, your subconscious will be hard at work.

FIND LIBRARY RESOURCES: Although the library may not be your main source of reference, you should drop in soon after receiving the assignment. Reference books, resources and magazines will disappear quickly. It is not a good idea to only use Google.

DISCOVER OTHER RESOURCES: You could also ask your local librarian for any additional direction on where to look for resource material for your assignment. Librarians know how to help people access relevant information, in books, journals and in computer based references.

STARTING EARLY MEANS MORE TIME TO EXPLORE & ASK FOR HELP: Your initial research might be on assignment points you’ve identified through the library, references your teacher may have given you, school textbooks, and/or general internet search engines. If you start this early, you could discover that you don’t actually understand important concepts and that perhaps you need to speak to your teacher to get further clarity.

CREATE A SAFETY NET: Starting your assignment immediately will give you a safety net in case you get sick, or something unexpected happens. You should always have a schedule that allows for the unexpected.

Starting an assignment straight away will enable you to achieve the best result you are capable of.


Mr Robert Gough

Year 8 Coordinator