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Does your student find it hard to get out of bed some days and be positive about going to school and learning? It can be hard to turn the day around when students wake up like this and don’t take steps to start their day in a positive way. The approach in the first hour of the day dictates the direction of the day of learning at school.

To ensure students start their mornings well they need to make sure they have a night-time and wake-up routine.


  1. Set Your Intentions Before Bed: consciously decide every night to create a positive expectation for the next morning.
  2. Move Your Alarm Clock Across The Room: so you have to get up to turn it off.
  3. Brush Your Teeth: when you wake up and splash water on your face.
  4. Drink a Full Glass of Water: to hydrate yourself after several hours without water.
  5. Add some of the following ideas to your own routines.

The “Miracle Morning” is a book written by Hal Elrod and he speaks about starting the morning with “Life SAVERS”. The idea is to add some of these to the morning routine or come up with personalised own activities for a positive start to the morning:

  • Silence can be meditation, mindfulness, prayer etc.
  • Affirmation can be a word you use that reminds you of who you are and how to be.
  • Visualisation is an intention (directing your focus) on how you want your day to be.
  • Exercise can be a short walk or stretching or going for a run (exercise is a great thing to do in the morning).
  • Reading something that is positive and enjoyable. What you read “resonates” with you. It gets you thinking and expanding “beyond yourself”.
  • Scribe is about journaling. Writing in your journal about your day gives you insight and clarity about issues. It also helps you realise what’s working and how far you have come.

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Robert Gough

Year 8 Coordinator