Study Skills Tips


When students start secondary school, they are usually very positive and optimistic about school. Then things can start to get harder, a bit more challenging, maybe they get a bad mark and become discouraged, or maybe their friends start to influence their attitude. Some students are able to overcome these challenges, while others let it affect their attitude and application to school.

Students may need help to establish reasons to put in effort into their schoolwork.

Reasons that might be motivating for students to study:

  • To achieve the best mark you are capable of at school.
  • To give you lots of options for what subjects you can choose in the senior years.
  • To give you lots of options of what you can choose to do when you leave school.
  • To have a personal sense of satisfaction about doing your best.
  • To show your gratitude to your parents for giving you an education.
  • To avoid getting in trouble from your teachers.
  • To avoid getting in trouble from your parents.
  • To avoid getting a detention or other negative consequences from not working.
  • To avoid disappointing your parents.
  • So you don’t feel bad about wasting your parent’s time and money giving you an education.

We often talk about ‘carrot’ and ‘stick’ people. If you want a donkey to move forward, you can either lead it forward with a carrot (a reward) or whack it with a stick (punishment).

Some students are motivated by working towards rewards, positive consequences of doing the right thing, while others are motivated to avoid negative consequences.

Understanding motivations and what affect attitude can have on school results make it easier to make positive changes.


Rob Gough

Year 8 Coordinator