Study Skills Tips – Managing Technology

There is no doubt that technology can be a great help and at the same time a massive hindrance to the completion of homework. Spending too much time on technology can lead to frustration as valuable study time is wasted.  This can lead to family conflict, work piles up and students then give up because they are overwhelmed and can’t cope. Controlling the use of technology can lead to a sense of achievement as students have a better understanding of the work and they feel on top of things. Here are a few ideas on how technology can be managed effectively to assist students in the completion of homework and study.

1. Draw a line in the sand – separate school work and personal time

  1. Negotiate technology free time.
  2. Put the mobile phone in another room on silent during homework time.
  3. Take the game console controllers.

2. Make a decision – choose how much time to allocate to school work

  1. Make a homework/study timetable. Get one here
  2. Allocate half an hour at a time for a start.
  3. There are 2 types of school work, compulsory teacher-driven schoolwork which includes homework and assessment tasks and student-driven independent learning work which includes study notes and extra review questions.
  4. The key is not wasting time!

3. Use technology to help – install blocking tools on the laptop

Programs to try:

  • For MAC: ‘Self Control’, ‘Freedom’
  • For PC: ‘Cold Turkey’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Focal Filter’
  • For Android phones: ‘Stay Focusd’
  • Extensions from the Chrome Web Store: ‘Stayfocusd’, ‘Block site’, ‘Focus45’


Mr R Gough

Year 8 Coordinator