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by P SALTER on FEBRUARY 1, 2016

A big step towards achieving goals is developing and maintaining a goal setting mindset as the attitudes students learn and develop will influence the way they view goal setting.

Approaching a task with a negative and self-defeating attitude makes it much harder to actually be successful at that task.

Students need to have a positive attitude when they are setting and trying to achieve their goals. A positive attitude means they are looking for ways to succeed rather than focusing on the difficulties and obstacles that could be in their path.

To create a more positive attitude, students can:

  • Each day note down something they did towards achieving their goals.
  • Note down any changes someone else has noticed eg. their teacher says well done on their work.
  • Don’t stop trying if something goes wrong, rather reassess goals or decide to work harder to achieve them.
  • Find a mentor or helper to encourage students to achieve their goals, possibly someone who is interested in the same things or is good at the same subjects, but is a bit further ahead.

Other reasons why we don’t achieve goals:

  • No action plan.
  • No true commitment to the goal.
  • No rewards along the way.
  • Trying to focus on too many goals.
  • Not preparing for success.
  • Fear of failure.

If students are still not achieving their goals they can try this:

  • Clarify the goal.
  • Write a list of actions.
  • Analyze, prioritize and prune.
  • Organise the list into a plan.
  • Monitor the execution of the plan and review the plan regularly

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Robert Gough

Year 8 Coordinator