The Dramatic Workings of 7 English S

This term, Class 7 English S have been learning about drama, script writing and performance. It has been an excellent way to finish off our first year of high school English, as Miss Taouk allowed us the opportunity to write our own play, from scratch. As we took on the role of a playwright, we had to consider stage direction, lighting, props, dialogue, delivery and costuming. We never realised how many elements there were to a drama!

Once we had perfected the editing process of our speech, Miss Taouk gave us an opportunity to perform these plays to our classmates, like a proper theatre audience. Each group was given direct feedback from both our classmates and Miss Taouk. We are really eager to take this feedback on board for our upcoming formative assessment task.

Some of the scripts included creative, comical and realistic elements and it was so enjoyable to be a part of this process. We learnt what it is like to actually be a part of a performance, and were able to actively see how important each of the elements of drama are.  Some group’s script titles included ‘Lunch Time’, ‘Forgetful Gramacia’, ‘The Strange Waiting Room’, ‘Lunchtime Bully’ and ‘Murder Mystery’. All of these plays were unique, with many different morals and themes such as mystery, action and adventure.

Thank you to Miss Taouk for organising Mrs Barnes and Mrs Straker to be a part of this fantastic experience. We definitely enjoyed having our special guests there to support us.

Jelena Puda, Antonia Mangos and Katya Alexander