The Hurting Game

On the 15th June Brainstorm Productions presented their student wellbeing performance ‘The Hurting Game’ for Year 7. ‘The Hurting Game’ is a live theatre experience that explores the skills we need to cope with life’s challenges and build meaningful connections. The performance highlights the games we play to give ourselves a false sense of power and belonging, which can lead to anxiety, loneliness and disconnection. It challenges students to think about how they treat themselves and others, both online and offline, and provides strategies for breaking unhealthy behaviour patterns. Issues such as (cyber)bullying, mental health and body image are unpacked in the post-performance Q&A and help-seeking information is provided.

Brainstorm Productions is one of Australia’s largest and most respected theatre in education companies, performing to over 300,000 students every year. It produces an engaging theatrical experience that uses humour, relatable characters and real student experiences to spark conversations about friendships, online behaviour, resilience and mental health. The program is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.



Michelle Barrass

PDHPE Coordinator