The Indigenous Standing Strong in Leadership Program

On Thursday 23 July and Friday 24 July I was given the opportunity to attend “Standing Strong in Leadership”. Standing Strong in Leadership was a two day program designed to help young Indigenous Australian students going into year 11 make the best of their education. The program was set–up like a series of workshops with a focus on: subject selection, post school pathways, career choices and leadership. Some of the workshops included: Motivational speeches given by Nat Heath and Dean Widdis, talks on part-time work and careers in the future and subject selection workshops. There was also a career showcase which gave me and other students a chance to explore different careers options, ones that we may not have considered possible. During the program we also learnt about Wellbeing, aspiration and goal setting and these talks were given by Dr Anita Heiss an indigenous bestselling author and speaker. All through the Standing Strong in Leadership program we were told to think about what it means to stand strong and proud as young Indigenous Australians. We were also taught how to. I would like to thank Miss Cox for presenting and organising this opportunity for me and accompanying me as I went through the program, and I would like to also thank Mrs Lavorato and Mrs Russo for their continued support and encouragement in all programs and opportunities I am given here at Bethany.

By Olivia Shrestha