The Value of Relationships in Year 7

Together, we grow

We know at Bethany we ensure our girls grow in their learning, but how else do we ensure our girls grow? The core value in Year 7 is “RELATIONSHIPS”-  for obvious reasons. Girls come from all different primary schools with all different experiences. Making friends is not always easy, some girls settle in quickly and make solid friendships, while others take a little more time.

How do we help foster relationships in Year 7 at Bethany? Our CLE programmes in Terms 2 and 3 have focussed on healthy relationships 

and how to build relationships. We have discussed how to be a good friend, qualities of a friend, how to recognise real friends as opposed to “fair weather friends” or “frenemies”, conflict resolution for when things go wrong and “I’m an Expert”- sharing our talents and interests.


At Bethany we also offer lunch time activities to help girls with similar interests come together. Each Monday we have Art Connect, every Wednesday we have board games, there is a Year 7 book club for those who love to read, a social skills group every Wednesday B, Polyglots for lovers of foreign languages, the Bethany choir for our singing superstars, our Year 7 jazz troupe, Fitness Club every Wednesday morning, representative sport, homeroom activities….. phew!

Some tips:   

  • Keep talking to your daughter about school. Try open ended questions. For example, “What did you enjoy about school today?” Rather than “Did you have a good day?”
  • Ask who she hangs out with at recess and lunch
  • Encourage her to socialise with friends on the weekends and in the holidays  
  • Ask about CLE and what happened in the lesson
  • Encourage her to join the many, extra-curricular activities we offer as a way of meeting girls with similar interests



Mrs Rachael Colreavy and the Year 7 Team