Together, We Give Programme

Students in the Together, We Give programme are very involved in voluntary activities and trying hard to acquire their twenty points. Some students have recently completed the programme and are congratulated for giving their time and energy to help others.

Some students have written their view of the experience:

“The Together, We Give programme gave me the opportunity to learn new skills, serve others and take part in activities I hadn’t necessarily thought to complete before. The activities were all enjoyable, and gave me a variety of ideas I could use to help others. One example of an activity I completed as part of the programme was planting some flowers in our garden.  Though I’ve always liked our garden, I’d never really thought of planting my own flowers there. This programme gave me the wonderful idea of doing so, and I’m already excited to see them blooming in spring!”

Eden Fernando


“The Together We Give programme is a great experience it has helped me give back to the community and my family household; it has been fun doing extra activities at home not only that but the together we give program gas helped me get out of my comfort zone in so many ways The Together We Give Programme is such as worthwhile experience.”

Mairead McAllister


“The Together, We Give programme is for Year 7 and 8.  I participated in this programme as it encourages us to give back to the community. A few of the activities that I did was to go and buy my grandparents new smoke detectors from Bunnings as they could not go out.  I was able to make a yummy pizza for my grandmother and I gave all the girls in my homeroom a treat.  I enjoyed helping my grandparents as they were very appreciative and treating all the girls in my homeroom too as we must be giving to people and it is important to be like Jesus and give back to family and friends.”

Michaela Kritikos


“Participating in the Together, We Give programme is a great experience as you get to provide help to people in your community and school and also do other activities.

Eleni Koinaris


“I really liked helping my parents, my neighbour and giving to charity. l did things like: cooking dinner for a night, babysitting, writing a thank you letter, donating things to charity, doing chores for a neighbour in need and cooking for a relative or friend.”



“I really enjoyed doing this activity, As I could use my time productively. 

I felt so good after doing something that I understood.

I did things like cooking for my family, and writing letters happily!

I did one activity per day, Which really helped me get the points I have today!

Overall, I think this idea is a winner, And because of it, I learned how to cook dinner!”

Nikitha Shaiju


“For this programme, I set up a prayer space, brought in nude food, cooked dinner, joined the anime club, lead grace with my family, and wrote letters of thanks. I was able to do many things I would not normally do. I also liked all the choices which opened my eyes to a variety of perspectives.”

Jocelyn Ngu 


“I have enjoyed completing the Together, We Give Programme as it has given me the opportunity to give back to the community which has been rewarding. As my grandma says ‘The more you give, the more you will receive’.”

Penny Kalantzis


“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the Together, We Give programme, as it not only contributed to furthering my involvement in school life, but also in benefiting my family, friends, local community and self-sense of accomplishment and pride. I made my personal contribution by joining extra curricular activities, cooking for family and friends, writing a letter in thanks of the support of my out-of-school dance community, and helping the environment, both through bringing in ‘nude food’ to school and organising a clean up event at a local beach with the help of my friends. This experience served as an amazing way to better the individual through helping others, all the while being fun and enjoyable!”

Stephanie Moutafis