UNSW ICAS Science Competition 2018

At Bethany College, students are provided with the opportunity to participate in the UNSW ICAS Science Competition. The competition takes place each year in schools throughout Australia and the South Pacific Region. It provides an opportunity for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external assessment situation.

All students receive a certificate and an individual results letter indicating the questions they answered correctly, as well as the average mark for their state. The documents are suitable for inclusion in a portfolio. The results letter is also useful for highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses in the skills and processes of Science. 


Distinctions – The following 7 students have received Distinctions which places them in the top 11% of their year group in Australia.

Year 7 – Emily Dingle

Year 8 – Luna Pandiella-McLeod, Kate Soussa, Erika Daubaras

Year 9 – Antonia Gregoriou

Year 10 – Georgia Marks, Zoe Ball

Kate Soussa’s result placed her in the top 4% of Year 8 students in Australia which also makes her the best performing student at Bethany College.

Another 46 students received Credits:

Year 7

 Angelene Angelis Victoria Kocanov
Jasmine Bates Jane Le
Siena Busdon Janette Le
Kamille Delos Santos Anastasia Mcneil
Emilie De Sousa Laurin Perera
Piper Finnegan Claudia Ruggiero
Brisa Gallo Grace Smith
Loreena Jeff Gabrielle Talite


Year 8

Grace Boag Juliette Lepine
Ysabelle Lianne Cabrera Rachel Messiha
Lily Clarke Maresa Moustakis
Leesa Coleman Catherine Nguyen
Isabella Diaz Alyssa Parrottino
Eleanor Humphreys Jorja Stamoulis
Linh Huynh Erini Stavroulakis
Chloe Jackson  


Year 9

Caitlin Hollis Sanjeta Sridhar
Katrina Martinez Brianna Strehler
Sophia Mcdonnell Charlotte Uglow
Kelly Nguyen  


Year 10

Alessia Colagiuri Jessica Nikolovska
Monique Cost-Chretien Serena Pham
Esabella De Los Reyes Chrysal Ruz
Danielle Kyriacou Maddison Stojanovski

Congratulations to all students on their efforts and achievements in the 2018 Science Competition. 


Miss Kirsty Soles and Mr Robert Gough

2018 ICAS Facilitators