UTS Scholarship

My name is Brooke Cibalevski and am a graduating student of the Class of 2016, the Diamonds.

I completed the HSC, finishing with an ATAR of 93.20 and was accepted into the Bachelor of Information Technology Scholarship Program at the University of Technology Sydney. It is a relatively new, innovative program which focusses on the required technologies and skills for the future, today; as well as inspiring females to enter male dominated industries. It was only through a lunch time talk with a student of UTS I found out about this wonderful program and a burst of spontaneousness that made me think “what’s the worst that can happen, they’ll say no” and I hit that apply button. The process included filling out a questionnaire that not only involved academic efforts but talents, employment and extra circular activities (something I highly recommend every student involve themselves in). From here I was contacted that I had been accepted into the interview round where I travelled to UTS and was interviewed by an IT lecturer as well as the Head of Marketing and IT, representing the sponsor Woolworths.

It was about a month later, that I had received a conditional offer to the course, meaning I still had to achieve an ATAR of 90 or above to secure my position, this acted as a motivating drive to continue through the hardships of the HSC. On the 16th of December at 8:30am, the dreaded day finally came and every Year 12 student received their ATAR’s and I received mine of 93.20; at 11:30am that day I was contacted by the UTS FEIT (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology) that I have been offered a position in the course, I was beyond shocked that a normal person like myself was able to attain what once seemed impossible and immediately accepted!

My message out there to all the Bethany Girls as well as Girls in general that if you put my mind to something you certainly can achieve, believe, work hard and nothing can stop you. Don’t let the fact that such industries such as Engineering and Information Technology are predominantly male, if you have a passion follow it, break down barriers because if it’s any girl to do that it’s a Bethany Girl! Even if you don’t think you can, apply and try anyway! I certainly didn’t think I would be in the position I am. If anyone has questions regarding the scholarship program at UTS, feel free to contact me, I am more than happy to answer any questions! Sending the best wishes to the Class of 2017!


Brooke Cibalevski