Vinnies Night Patrol


Thunder, lightning and a little bit of heavy rain didn’t stop a select team of Bethany College staff members from embarking on a mission to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate, on Sunday 9 April.

In preparation for this particular evening, all staff worked together to donate and package a myriad of food and beverages from juice poppers to chips, fruit and muesli bars.

Upon arrival at St Vincent De Paul Society headquarters in Lewisham, formally known as Mary MacKillop Outreach (MMO), and guided by team leader Ann Freeman, college staff loaded the Vinnies truck with as many snacks and coffee supplies as possible. Plastic ponchos at the ready, staff buckled up their seatbelts and prepared for the first destination.

At the first stop at Ward Park, Devonshire Street, despite the cold and heavy rain, staff and customers were in high spirits. Amid the ever-pouring rain, everyone joined together to sing Bon Jovi’s famous ‘Living on a Prayer’. There were a few dance moves and singing voices ‘whipped’ out by staff members, which are better left on Devonshire Street. It was an experience to never be forgotten, allowing staff to put into perspective just how difficult life on the street would be, particularly in such uncomfortable weather conditions.

The next stop was a busy one, with long queues starting to form as soon as our mini bus pulled up in its designated area on Phillip Street, Martin Place. It was clear within seconds that all of our customers were after one thing, and one thing only, COFFEE. There were some experienced coffee connoisseurs among the crowd, who gave our warm beverages a big tick of approval. Thank you to Anna Charas, our in house barista for the evening. And how could we forget Lauren Cox, on cordial duties.

Sydney Night Patrol was an experience, which provided staff with a wealth of opportunity to help those in need within our local community. This bonding experience made clear that compassion; empathy and a genuine will to aid the less fortunate will never go astray, particularly when working together. It really is true what they say; many hands make light work, take it from the staff at Bethany College.

Thank you to staff members Tess Napoli, Kelly Smit, Connie Georgiou, Kahlie Taouk, Kathy Vale, Rochelle Bailey, Lauren Cox, Kirsty Soles and Anna Charas for attending.

Miss Kahlie Taouk