Vocational Education and Training

Each Year Bethany College nominates Year 12  students for the Youth Partnership VET Excellence Awards. Each student was nominated by their VET teacher for displaying excellence in the completion of all aspects of their course. The overall award recipient was Jordan Schiembri- Judd, although we would like to acknowledge all students who were nominated. 


Gabrielle Killorn

Vocational Education and Training Coordinator 


Jordan Schembri-Judd

Jordan is well organised, efficient and highly motivated when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. She applies herself diligently and produces quality food of a very high standard. She comes alive in the kitchen and shows great initiative and problem solving skills. 

Jordan went to Al Aseel in Alexandria for her work placement last year. She  was offered an after-school apprenticeship by the head chef Prakash Chand as she is creative and enjoys trying new recipes.

She is also currently studying baking at TAFE and is interested in further developing her skills. 

Vivian Kalaitzis


Hayley Bryant

Hayley Is a consistently outstanding student in Vet Entertainment. She always demonstrates a high level of engagement in all activities as well as a positive “can do if not we will figure it out” attitude. As a new teacher to this subject I have relied on her previous knowledge a number of times. She has previously stated she is interested in pursuing something in the Entertainment industry as a career path and as this particular course requires a person who is a creative thinker, I have no doubt she will do just that. Hayley has also gone over and above her required work placement hours with consistently  positive feedback from her host employers. In addition Hayley is always happy to help with any school activities Hayley has been an asset to the course and to the school. 

Diane Higgins



Jessica Nikovolska 

Jessica is an enthusiastic and cooperative student. She has always completed set work in theory and practical lessons to a very high standard.Jessica completes all set tasks on time and with detail and accuracy. She has completed her work placement journal demonstrating her knowledge from her theory work being put into practice in the childcare setting. Jessica is passionate about Early Childhood Education. She is going to continue her study straight after the HSC at Southern Cross Burwood during term 4 to complete her certificate three.

Jessica has completed all compulsory work placements at a variety of centres. She has enjoyed all three work placements and has great feedback from all supervisors.

Beth Oliver 



Olivia Guardala

Olivia has the qualities of a team worker who collaborates and participates to complete work tasks.  Her focus is on completing all work activities with diligence and care.  Throughout her daily work schedule, she includes all class participants in the learning process and shares knowledge and ideas.  Every task is approached with a continuous improvement mindset. Her work placement employer at Sydney’s Crown Casino speaks highly of her pleasant demeanor and work ethic.  She applies all the knowledge learnt in the Business Services course and delivers the highest quality customer service.  Academically, every activity and exam are completed with care and perseverance to the highest standard.  She adopts the spirit of Vocational Education and Learning by positively contributing to every aspect of the business environment with added value.

John Camarda




Year 12 Entertainment Authentic Learning Experience 

The year 12 Vet Entertainment class have had a fantastic semester consolidating their knowledge to prepare for HSC and possibly industry work. Apart from amazing experiences at school providing sound, lighting and vision for various productions such as the Year 12 Drama production, we were fortunate enough to visit  Southern Cross Catholic College in May.  The girls were impressed by the incredible facilities available and were taken through the requirements of a whole production from Bump in to Bump out by industry professionals. 

After a two hour practice session learning how to use the specialised equipment , students took turns to set up and present a “show” for a rock band (some providing the singing as well). 

It was an invaluable and very enjoyable experience and one we will not forget. 




Year 11 ECEC 2021

The Year 11 Early Childhood Education and Care class have completed their first 3 terms of work for the course, including one week of work placement in an Early Learning Centre.  

Some students have reflected on their experiences so far in the course:

I have enjoyed ECEC so far as it’s a subject I take that I feel will benefit me in the future and aid towards a future career. I enjoyed work placement as it allowed me to feel independent and test the waters in the career that could be something I pursue one day. The content we learnt was really practical and felt worthwhile. ECEC has been a class I looked forward to in my day Lily Clarke

I have enjoyed the subject this year and the content included. I enjoyed work placement and found the support system was reliable if there was any trouble Kali Maladakis

Work placement was very fun and interesting, I learnt a lot of new skills and gained experience in the Early Childhood Education and Care workplace. In this subject I learnt about childcare centres and the in depth regime of the centres, as well as the way they run and procedures in which you have to follow. I learnt about the diets of young children as well as their behaviours and how to manage it. I learnt about the policies associated with childcare, and I really enjoyed work placement because everyone was really kind and helped me with anything I needed help with. I really enjoyed playing with the children because they were very funny. Can’t wait to do it again next year!! Claudia Sukkar

My experience in Early Childhood has been great as I got to learn amazing new skills about working in a preschool and how to pick up a baby. I had a great time at work placement as I got to hang out with toddlers and have an opportunity to experience what it will be like working in a preschool Alyssa Fraccaro

I have learned not only how to take proper care of a child through work placement, but a lot about hygiene in all areas such as in food or washing your hands. I’ve learnt about proper nutrition and portion control. Another topic I’ve enjoyed learning about is ways to promote healthy eating Annabelle Hay

This subject has been great, getting to learn about how to care for a child in an appropriate, safe and nurturing manner as well as being able to learn first hand through our work experienceElena Theodoris




As the Year 11 Hospitality classes navigated online learning whilst completing a practical subject Mrs Coleman decided to cook LIVE with the students. Girls were provided with the recipe to a pullman sandwich and asked to purchase ingredients so they could cook over Zoom guided by Mrs Coleman. May have been challenging, and a little different to being in the Bethany Commercial Kitchens but everyone had fun recreating and EATING a chicken, bacon and mayonnaise pullman sandwich. 





As part of the Yr 12 Hospitality course students are required to design and prepare a three course meal demonstrating the students ability to prepare dishes using different methods of cookery and skills in food styling and presentation. This term Yr 12 prepared their 3 course meals for their families at home and they looked delicious!