Welcome to Student Voice

On behalf of the Student Leadership team for 2020, we’d like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome all new members, both staff, students and particularly Year 7 to our Bethany College community. As your student leaders, we look forward to a year of long-lasting relationships, connection and memories with a vision for creating a school culture valuing opportunity. The opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to how and what our shared high school journey looks like for us, everyday. 

An upcoming initiative, in support of those affected within our community by the recent devastation and loss created by the bushfires will be a Bushfire Relief Party run by both, DJ Desh and DJ Laguzza. 

The Bushfire Relief Party will be held on Friday the 14th of February at lunch in Yallunga Hall, where a gold coin donation will be collected upon entry to be put towards supporting a great cause. 

In terms of upcoming events, the Swimming Carnival will be held on 17th of February and it will be an opportunity to participate in and encourage some friendly house rivalry! 


2020 Student Leadership Team