Welcome to the end of Term 3. I hope that our school community has a well deserved and relaxing break. I look forward to our students returning in Term 4 in their summer uniform.

I would ask that students in Years 7 to 9 try on their summer tunic and lower the hem if required. A reminder that the College tunic and skirt is to be worn at the length of the middle knee or below. The College scarf is also only permitted in Terms 2 and 3. The College blazer is no longer required to be worn to and from school, however the College blazer is the outer garment for warmth to and from school, not the school cardigan.


Gold Award


It is the belief at Bethany College that each student’s personal worth and self esteem is valued and fostered. To achieve this goal, we have a system that rewards students for their learning and good choices.Teachers can award a student a teacher commendation for a number of areas including; classwork, homework, behaviour, uniform and contribution to the community life of the College.

Teacher commendations accumulate from year to year. 36 teacher commendations will earn a student a Bronze award, 72 commendations a Silver award and 108 commendations a Gold Award. Students who earn a Gold award also receive a Student of Excellence badge.


The following students are congratulated for achieving a Gold Award:

Year 9: Nikitha Shaiju

Year 10: Amelia Rendina


Attendance on Compass

Compass Checklist Reminder for Parents

As Term 3 comes to an end, and in order to assist the College maintain accurate student attendance records, parents/caregivers are requested to log into Compass regularly and attend to the following matters:


  • Check for any unexplained absences for your daughter/s.
  • If necessary, add an Attendance note for each absence.
  • Should your daughter be late to school due to attending an appointment, parents/caregivers are requested to add an Attendance Note.
  • If your daughter is absent for the whole day, an Attendance Note, stating the reason, needs to be entered by a parent/caregiver. 


Resources for Parents

The College has a membership with Parenting Ideas, one of Australia’s most trusted sources of parenting education and support. As part of this membership, all the parents and carers in

our community can attend helpful, informative and enjoyable parenting webinars at no cost.

Click Webinars for Parents to access the range of webinars available.


For more information on the Parenting ideas resource – please click here


Have a wonderful break.


Mary Matthews

Leader of Wellbeing