What Year 7 has been up to….

Enlighten Education Workshop Wednesday 17 February

Year 7 participated in the Enlighten Education Workshop called “The Journey”.  This was a full day program that focused on strategies aimed at making the transition from Primary to High School as smooth as possible. Girls were provided with a survival kit of skills focusing on time management, prioritising, creating a positive learning space, stress management and making successful new friendships.

“I learnt that in high school it’s time to solve your own problems stay positive about things and give different things a go. Just try your best”.  Zoe

“Today got us to really get to know other people more and it made me see that it’s just enough being yourself. I liked how nice and fun Fran was to us all”.  Hayley

“I realised that everyone is unique and I’ve decided that I will try new things in high school. Today was awesome.” Kelly

“I liked the ‘What to Pack’ and ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ workshops the most. They were so helpful and will help me a lot in my future. I learnt that just the simple task of writing your thoughts and feelings down can start making you feel better about things or just help you sort your thoughts out a bit better. Being aware of your feelings and dealing with negative feelings or thinking is very important”. Katrina

The girls are to be commended on the positive energy and enthusiasm they brought to the day. It was really evident that the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Year 7 Camp Thursday 18- Friday 19 February

Girls were buzzing with excitement as they lined their bags up in Yallunga Hall and then boarded the busses. They embarked on a journey of fun and adventure, destination Youth Works Camp at Deer Park and Chaldercot camp sites. 

Girls arrived at the Camp site and threw themselves straight into the jam packed itinerary which included Dragon Boat Regatta, Billy Carts, the incredible race and the Waterslide activity. Students also participated in the night-time program including indoor games and created fancy dress costumes using noting but newspaper which was followed by a fashion parade.

I would like to thank all the staff who took time away from their families to join year 7, Ms Rochelle Bailey, Mr Damian Bernardo, Ms Christiana Boutros, Mrs Deb Farrell, Ms Connie Georgiou, Ms Kerry Harris, Ms Rebecca Le May, Mr John Raftery, Ms Kirsty Soles, Ms Katerina Stratilas, Mrs Jane Sullivan and Mrs Kathy Vale. I would also like to extend a special thank you to our College Principal Mrs Vicki Lavorato who joined Year 7 on their Camp.




Mrs Laura Rizzo

Year 7 Coordinator