What’s been happening in Dance: FLASHCARD FRIDAY !

Throughout Term 1, Team Dance Bethany partakes in flashcard Fridays. This is extra revision provided to dance students studying the Stage 6 Dance curriculum. Both Year 12 and Year 11 dance classes meet in the dance studio at lunchtime each Friday to revise the concepts and syllabus dot points. This is done with colour-coded flashcards for each of the components including performance, composition and appreciation hence “Flashcard Friday”. Mrs Bennie assures that all students understand the content and are able to make the links between the syllabus and our own learning. Listening to everyone, and learning off one another, while of course having fun helps us develop a deeper understanding. As shown in the pictures, it is an inclusive activity, which incorporates teamwork to unpack the concepts and apply the content studied. Flash Card Friday’s allow for Team Dance Bethany to gather together and learn in a collaborative, enjoyable environment.



Siena Dal Bianco and Victoria Loutas

Year 11 Dance