What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

Year 9 Spirituality Day

Our Year 9 students attended their Spirituality Day on Friday and focused on their value of Justice.  The girls looked at various types of injustice in the world and looked for ways that they could actively make changes in our world to ensure that all people receive just and equitable treatment.  Playing Jenga, the girls got to see that the basic needs of society such as education, clean water, access to medicines and health care – the building blocks of society – are not always available to every person. Without these, communities can fall, just as the Jenga blocks fall with no solid foundation. The girls created a Justice League of Superheroes where they focused on the individual qualities that a person needs in order to make changes in our society to ensure that the world is a better place.  They also came to the realisation that we need to work together on these issues and in doing so, much can be achieved.  I put a challenge to the girls to think about an issue within our own local community that we could work on together to raise awareness and make change.  I am very much hoping that Year 9 2018 will identify an issue that they feel strongly about where they will be able to apply their understanding of justice and make positive changes that will be of benefit to our community.

I leave you with the Year 9 Justice Prayer and some photographs from the day:


Loving God,


You created us as a gift for one another.

Give us eyes to see all who are in need or are being treated unjustly in our world.

Give us ears to hear people who call for help.

Give us willing arms to reach out and touch others who need to feel your presence

Most of all, give us courage to stand up for others and what we believe.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,




Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission