What’s Been Happening in Religious Education?

Our Year 7 students attended their first Spirituality Day on Monday.  We had an early start to the day so that we could maximise our time and we were fortunate to have a beautiful day at the Winbourne Retreat Centre at Mulgoa where the girls focused on their value of relationships.

Throughout the year, the girls have had many opportunities to form new friendships and to build relationships with both teachers and students throughout the school.  The Spirituality Day allowed them to see how their gifts, that are given by God when used well, help to build strong relationships which lead to a strong community. The girls focused on team-building, their own personal strengths and they had an opportunity to recognise the gifts and talents that their peers have that all lead to building strong relationships.

It was an enjoyable day, and I am sure the girls took much with them to both celebrate their own gifts, but to also recognise the gifts that their peers share with them every day.

I would like to thank both parents for getting their daughters to school early on Monday and the staff who also arrived early to help facilitate and lead the girls during the day.


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission