What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

As many of you would be aware, Archbishop Anthony Fisher has been very ill over the last few months and is still recuperating.  It is most likely, that this recuperation period will be quite long.  All schools within the Sydney  Diocese have been asked to pray for Bishop Anthony’s recovery.   To assist with this, we have given to all students a prayer card that we will be using in classes this week. I have shared the prayer with you and would ask that you take a few moments to add this to your daily prayers:


O Most Blessed Mother,

Hear our prayer.


As your children, we turn to you,

Mother of God, to ask for your

Intercession with Jesus, your Son.


We pray especially for the healing of Archbishop Anthony:

May he, and all those who are sick,

Experience the healing touch of your Son, Jesus.




Prayer can be extremely powerful and with a community of over 1,000 people praying each day for a particular cause, it would be wonderful to think that our prayers can make a difference to the lives of those we are praying for.


Year of Mercy and the Sacrament of Reconciliation

During this Year of Mercy in the Church, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is a powerful way to experience God’s mercy.  We are encouraged during this extraordinary jubilee year to take advantage of this Sacrament and actively seek God’s mercy.  I would like to share with you a short reflection on Reconciliation which highlight the importance of the Sacrament in our everyday lives:

Reconciliation is so much more than a merely human experience of unburdening the soul…

Any good barman, counsellor, or hairdresser can listen to a confession!  Rather, it is more powerful, grace-filled encounter with the mercy of Jesus, who is present in the person of the priest.

Many people are anxious and fearful about going to Reconciliation.  Some have negative memories of past experiences; others have misunderstood the need for the Sacrament, believing that it is sufficient to simply be sorry in their hearts for their sins.  others resist this Sacrament, knowing that Christ’s representative, the priest, is himself a human in need of God’s mercy.  Others believe that their sins are just too terrible to be forgiven. Yet Jesus tells us that none of these need keep us from his mercy



St Vincent de Paul

Our St Vincent de Paul group would like to knit blankets this year to be donated to the homeless and those in need.  If you have some wool or knitting needles that you have lying around and would like to donate, we would be very grateful.  Last year our students knitted up 5 blankets and we would love to knit up at least the same again.  Ideally, 8 ply wool and number 8 (or 4mm needles) would be best, but we are happy to take any donations.  Please send any donations in to Mrs Kennaugh.


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission