What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

As part of the Year 12 Studies of Religion course, our students attended Gallipoli Mosque at Auburn last week where they had a wonderful opportunity to take a tour of the Mosque and to have a discussion with a representative from the Muslim community.

Part of the SOR course focuses on the study of Islam, but we also have an opportunity to look at interfaith dialogue.  The visit to the Mosque provided our students with an in depth look at both of these focus areas.  In touring the Mosque, the girls were able to see the beauty of the Muslim place of worship, they were able to gain insight into the day to day requirements of Muslims in terms of prayer and had an opportunity to participate in interfaith dialogue as they were able to ask questions about Muslim ritual practices and traditions.  Our students gained insight that could never be taken from textbooks and has helped to firm up some of the key concepts that they have been studying in class.  

I would like to thank Mr Culleton, Mrs Symes Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Rizzo for accompanying the girls to the Mosque and for their support of this invaluable excursion.



Mrs Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission