What’s Been Happening in Religious Education and Mission

Father’s Day Mass

Our annual Father’s Day mass will be held on Thursday 31 August, 2017 in St Michael’s Parish Church at 7.30am. It is a fantastic time to celebrate our fathers and significant male role models in our lives and I would encourage all of our fathers and father figures to come and join our celebration.  

A light breakfast will be served in the Bethany College Staff Common Room immediately after mass.  Could you please respond to the Survey that was sent out last week so that we can cater accordingly.

We look forward to celebrating this special day with all of our fathers!


Year 11 Retreat

Our Year 11 Retreat was held in week 4 and was a huge success.  All of our Year 11 students attended at either Kiah Ridge, Tahmoor, Benedict XVI Centre, Grose Vale or Winbourne at Mulgoa. Each of the venues allows the girls a picturesque place to get away from all school work and assessments and just focus on themselves and their relationship with God.  

Many students were apprehensive at first, particularly as they had no idea what was involved in a three day retreat. They soon found out what a wonderful, fun and uplifting time it can be. The theme of our retreat was “I am the vine; you are the branches” and allowed the girls to focus on how they can develop the gifts that they have been given and use them to give back to others.  Many things can be achieved if we place our trust in God and allow him to work  in us.  The timing of retreat was particularly poignant, as our Year 11 students will very shortly be looking to vote for school leaders for 2018.  This retreat opportunity gave the girls some insight into the gifts and talents that many of their peers have and certainly would have given them time to discern about potential school leaders.  It was also an opportunity to get to know some girls that they might not have had too much to do with over the course of their schooling at Bethany.

Feedback from all our students was extremely positive and all the girls came back “buzzing” from their experience.  Many thought that waiting until May 2018 for the Year 12 Retreat was far too long!

I leave you with some photographs from the various retreats.










Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission