What’s Happening in Religious Education

It is wonderful to see that so many restrictions are currently being lifted and access to the sacraments is becoming more readily available.  Last week, Year 7 RET attended mass at St Michael’s church and this coming week 9 REW will be attending with their teacher, Miss Jajcevic.  We are still unable to invite parents to this mass, but we are hoping that as restrictions ease, the invitation will be forthcoming.  Students will have an opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation with Fr Janusz on Wednesday next week and we are very grateful that he is able to give his time to our students for this purpose.  


St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal

The St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal has been very generously supported by our families here at Bethany College and it is wonderful to see.  I know within our own community, there would be many families who are feeling the strain of Covid 19 both financially and emotionally and the generosity that we are seeing is a testament to the wonderful families that we have here.  We are certainly a privileged community to be blest with so many generous families.  I know that St Vincent de Paul will very gratefully receive the donations that are currently being collected.


Archbishop of Sydney’s Award for Student Excellence

Year 12 students have been sent a nomination form for the Archbishop of Sydney’s Award for Student Excellence.  I would encourage all Year 12 students to give this award consideration.  It acknowledges their participation in Parish life, but also in the wider church and school community.  It is one of our major awards and is quite prestigious.  Students can access the nomination form via Compass and they will need to take it to their Parish Priest for endorsement.  Once it has been endorsed, it can be returned to Mrs Kennaugh.  



Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission