What’s Happening in Religious Education

Students in Year 7 Religion Newman Class have finally presented their products that link to their Inspiration Hour Research. Students had all of Semester One to research a topic of interest to them that related to any aspect of religion or spirituality and also linked to their own interests and passions.

The topics were refined over the semester and eventually a question or statement became the focus. Ideas ranged from how the religious landscape has changed due to immigration, Aboriginal Spirituality, Greek and Egyptian Gods, Reincarnation, the sacredness of cats and dogs, art, architecture, Mary, food and religion- the list goes on. Each topic was so different and required students to really push beyond simple description and instead analyse. The research also required a focus on discernment of accurate and reliable sources. After the research students created a product of their choice that linked to their question and this came in the form of artworks, poetry, slide shows, letters and even a specially made Greek Orthodox cake.

The task was challenging and rigorous and all students are to be commended on their tremendous efforts in grappling with higher order thinking. 


How does the prodigal son relate to families in 2020?

A poem by Mariam Gerges

The prodigal son is a story of deep love,

A story about the love of our father above

A story that was told by the one and only Jesus

Yes the almighty God that sees us


The prodigal son got his share of money

But now his life is guaranteed to turn funny

He runs away from his family because he is rich.

But now his life is going to suddenly switch


He started caring for no-one

And he had alot of fun

But money doesn’t grow on trees

And soon he was on his knees

Yes, he was afraid

All he needed was to get paid


So off he went to work in a sty

And not much food did they supply

So he ate with the swine

What a fine way to dine


He thought his father couldn’t take him back 

But he wanted forgiveness so he started to pack

Little did he know that his father would wait

Yearning for his sons return at the gate


His father saw him in the distance and ran his way

The boy thought his father wouldn’t let him stay


As the son approached he just said

I am sorry, I don’t know what went through my head

I am no longer worthy to be called your son

You see those servants, you should make me one


But the father thought otherwise

Bring the best robe and ring and make sure they’re his size

You may think this story is a one-time thing

But now I want to get you thinking


The story of the prodigal son

Well he isn’t the only one

Whose father was disobeyed and disrespected

I hope this isn’t too unexpected

But we in 2020 do this often 

With our parents do we really take caution?


Alot of days we are rude and deceiving

Sometimes we even think of leaving 

But our parents forgive us and help us see

The better person they are trying to make us be


Instead of telling us to go away

Our parents convince us that we should stay

So the prodigal son is a story we should understand

About how our parents love us and we shouldn’t demand


So, how does the prodigal son relate to families in 2020

Well as far as reasons go, I hope I showed you many

But next time you don’t want your parents around

Remember “my son was lost and now he is found”


Rachael Colreavy

Religious Education Teacher