What’s Happening in Religious Education

Pope Francis recently sent a message to the Women’s Consultation Group of the Pontifical Council for Culture and it is a wonderful message about the very important role of women in our Church, in both historical and contemporary contexts.  This is particularly important for the young women in our school to hear as they are the future of our Church here in Australia and have a vital role to play in keeping our faith alive and ever-renewed:

“In the history of salvation, it was a woman who welcomed God’s Word. Women too kept alive the flame of faith in the dark night, awaiting and then proclaiming the Resurrection.  Women find deep and joyful fulfilment in precisely these two acts:  welcoming and proclaiming.  They are the protagonists of a Church that goes forth, listening and caring for the needs of others, capable of fostering true processes of justice and bringing the warmth of a home to the various social environments where they find themselves.  Listening, reflecting and loving activity: these are the elements of a joy ever-renewed and shared with others through feminine insight, the care of creation, the gestation of a more just world, and the creation of a dialogue that respects and values differences. 

I encourage you then to be bearers of a message of peace and renewal.  To be a presence that, with humility and courage, is able to understand and welcome newness and inspire hope of a more fraternal world.” Pope Francis 7.10.2020


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission