What’s Happening in Religious Education

Approaching the First Season of the Church Year

I would like to share with you an excerpt from Sr Leone Pallisier Reflection for the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time:

As NSW enjoys the freedoms of coming out of Lockdown, people are certainly taking up opportunities to reunite with family and friends, go out for breakfast, watch a movie on the big screen and participate in the many social activities we have always known and enjoyed but does this constitute living life to the full? As we draw closer to the liturgical season of Advent beginning 28 November, let us be reminded of the arrival of Jesus Christ whose model of Christian living demonstrates what it really means to live to the full.

Sunday’s Gospel can be accessed here.



Year 12

The Patron Saint of Exam Takers is the flying Franciscan Friar known for levitating whilst praying, St Joseph of Cupertino.  We pray for our Year 12 students that through his intercession, they will demonstrate wisdom and intellect for the successful completion of their HSC Examinations. Year 12 students are invited to use the College Chapel for the duration of the examination period- there is no greater comfort than finding refuge in God.



SVDP Christmas Appeal

Our community continues to collect donations for this great cause: 

  1. Online Donations – This simple donation process provides direct funding to St. Vincent de Paul to continue supporting those in need. 


  1. Donating to St. Vincent de Paul Shops –  Good quality, clean, pre-loved goods or unused items are welcome donations at Vinnies Shops. Remember: if you would give your items to a mate, then it is worthy enough to donate. Vinnies welcomes the following items: clothing, accessories, books, toys, bric-a-brac, household items, sporting goods and bedding are all suitable. Some shops accept furniture and electrical items; however, it is best to ring the shop and check because not all shops have space for large furniture or are able to sell electrical items (for legal and safety reasons).


  1. Donating to St. Vincent de Paul @ Bethany College– There is a collection point for the Christmas Appeal donations outside Student Services. Please remember to bring in your donations on the days you are on site.



The Year 8 Religious Education Classroom in the Spotlight:

Please enjoy the following artworks completed by our Year 8 Newman students in the unit, The Teachings of Jesus. These students have highlighted the universality of our Christian values with an Indigenous flavour. There is much food for thought in these images-  Thank you Mrs Bullock for introducing a little bit of Studies of Religion in Stage 4.


Sara Camporeale

Leader of Religious Education and Mission