What’s Happening in Religious Education

As we continue to celebrate the season of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus, we celebrate our belief as Richard Rohr in his article on Easter states (2012) “to cross limits and to transcend boundaries.” He says that a true Christian has to be an optimist and be evidence of the risen Christ in their relationships. Has Christ risen in you and is the risen Christ evident in your day to day interactions?

Stations of the Cross Liturgy

On the last day of Term 1, the College participated in the Stations of the Cross prepared and reverently led by students.

Thank you Mr Currao, Mr Roberts and students who helped in the preparation and presentation of the reflective and thought provoking liturgy.


Knitting for Vinnies Winter Appeal

To support the Vinnies Winter appeal, the Vinnies Conference and members of the Bethany community are knitting or crocheting squares (25cm x 25cm) that will be sewn together to make blankets that will then be forwarded to Vinnies. Are you able to help? Wool is available if need. Just contact Miss Kleist.  All squares are to be at the College by the end of May. Thank you in anticipation of your support.


Brekky Van

On Saturday 16 May, senior students and staff will be running the Saturday morning St Vincent de Paul brekky van at Surry Hills. Your prayers asked to support our staff and students as they enter into this service. The Vinnies Conference will be selling heart lollipops to raise money to supply the van. Thank you to all who have supported this service.

Project Compassion

Throughout Lent, students were invited to contribute to Project Compassion that will contribute to works facilitated by Caritas Australia. Thank you to all for the $5,100.00 that was raised.

Mary Kleist

Leader of Religious Education and Mission