What’s Happening in Religious Education

Year 7 Spirituality Day

 Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive” (Mt 21:22).

 We spent the most amazing day at Rathane Youthworks Conference Centre last Friday immersing ourselves in universal values, highlighted perfectly in the Christian faith through the example of Jesus Christ. Our Year 7 Butterflies explored their value of Relationships through the themes of agape, faith and hope. They participated in activities accentuating respect, choice, gratitude, selflessness and the power of pure intention. The day began in communal prayer as the cohort brought its wish before God- their sister in Christ, Scarlett Wilson, had been in a coma all week and she needed the Almighty to dispense grace in abundance.

The Holy Spirit certainly worked hard during the morning because Ms Rodwell called just after lunch to inform us that Scarlett had awoken from her coma. The emotion and delight in the room was extraordinary and added a special dimension to the afternoon’s Liturgy of the Word.

Archbishop’s Leaders’ Luncheon

On Friday the 25th of November,  Amy, Constance, Grace, Mrs Nashed and myself travelled to St Mary’s Cathedral to attend the Archbishop’s Student Leadership Forum and Luncheon event.

It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with different schools with over 170 student leaders from schools across Sydney Catholic Schools, allowing us to form networks and learn so much about one another. We recognised the similarities we all had in wanting to make a change. Each school that attended represented their school with such pride and ambition, it was beautiful to see.

Each table group had time to discuss and communicate with his Grace. It made me realise, we have such intelligent and open-minded young people within each group – imagine what we could do as a whole?! Through the experience we recognised the power of networking and creating relationships that will travel with us, we hope to bring that same spirit to Bethany.

His Grace’s responses to our questions and his engagement with our discussions was so supportive. We all learnt so much about his life, his relationship with God and his ambitions for the future leaders of the world. During the Q&A session, we asked his Grace how he overcomes suffering and doubt in his leadership which we would all experience in our personal lives and in our leadership roles, and what inspired him to push through. His Grace shared with us a very deep and personal story which moved everyone in the room. His story was then followed by a long and sincere applause from everyone. After the event, both his Grace and Mr Tony Farley, Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools thanked us for the heartfelt question. This experience definitely broadened our perspective on what it means to be a leader – through our thoughts, actions, words and initiatives. Thank you St Mary’s Cathedral College for hosting the event and to Mrs Nashed for taking us, it was an amazing opportunity to connect with ourselves, each other and the Archbishop of Sydney.

 -Maanasa Akula

College Vice-Captain


Christmas Card Competition

Congratulations to Year 9 students Stephanie Sertic and Isabel Olup for their winning submissions to this year’s Christmas Card Competition!


SVDP Christmas appeal

Please contribute any last minute donations by 5 December. Items include: Christmas pudding, long-life custard, Christmas cake, fruit mince pies, long-life milk, tinned fruit, tinned vegetables, jam, honey, vegemite, coffee, tea bags, cereal, chocolate, savoury biscuits such as Jatz/Shapes, sweet biscuits such as Tim Tams/Oreos, large bags of chips, 1L or larger juice/soft drinks, pasta, pasta sauce, Christmas bon bons, cordial, lollies, gravy mix and pancake mix.

Thank you so much for the enormous support we have received!




Sara Camporeale

Leader of Religious Education and Mission