What’s Happening in Religious Education

Closing College Mass 2022

It is always beautiful to end the academic year with a celebration of the Eucharist. This Mass is always special as we farewell staff who are retiring or pursuing opportunities at other schools. We wish them well and trust that God will guide them with his loving hands in future endeavours. Thank you to Father Janusz and Father George for all the liturgical celebrations we have shared this year and for the time they give to the Bethany community.





Thank you to RE Staff

I take this opportunity to thank the Religious Education team for all their hard work this year. I am honoured to work with such an amazing group whose dedication is driven by an authentic concern for every single student in their care. Thank you, Mrs Monika Samardzic, for the significant contribution you have made as Assistant Leader of Religious Education and Mission. We wish you well as you temporarily step away from this role to focus on the needs of your family. Thank you, Ms Perrin Jones, for stepping into the role of Assistant Leader of Religious Education and Mission for 2023 in addition to leading Youth Ministry. I am really looking forward to helping you develop as a Catholic school leader.


Invitation to Parish Christmas Celebrations





Please use the following link for Mass Times near you. Most Parish websites include Christmas Mass times.


Merry Christmas

To all members of our community, wishing you a joyful Christmas and many blessings for 2023 and beyond.

Lord God, awaken us, that we may be ready when your dear Son comes, that we may receive him with joy and serve you with pure hearts; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Kissing the Face of God by Morgan Weistling in The Catholic Messenger


Sara Camporeale

Leader of Religious Education and Mission