What’s Happening in Religious Education

Year 12 Studies of Religion

Studies of Religion I students have been studying the pilgrimage of Islam, Hajj. Students have identified significant rituals in the pilgrimage as well as the historical links to of these rituals.

“Learning about the Hajj has been really interesting. They are very committed to this journey of faith.”

“What I have enjoyed is reading are the stories that the rituals recreate.”

“I have learnt so my more about my own Catholic faith as we have learnt about Islam.”



Year 12 Studies of Religion I students identifying the stages of Hajj



Year 12 Prayer Families

Bethany College has a long tradition of supporting our Year 12 students as they complete their final weeks at school. As a community of faith in the Catholic tradition, Bethany College aims to display a faith commitment among the families of Bethany College. Therefore you are invited to be a Bethany Prayer Family to a Year 12 student.

You are invited to ‘spiritually adopt’ a Year 12 student, offering her support and prayers leading up to and for the duration of the Higher School Certificate examinations.  You will then receive the name of the Year 12 student, via a note to your daughter. Once you know who your student is, pray for her as a family. Include her name in your prayers whilst she is doing the HSC examinations.  At the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony, your name will be written on a Prayer Scroll and taken up during the Presentation of the Gifts.

If you are able to be a Prayer family, please fill in the reply slip on the note that will be distributed through homerooms or contact Miss Kleist no later than Monday 3 August 2015.


Mary Kleist

Leader of Religious Education Mission