What’s Happening in VET @ Bethany

The beginning of Term 3 has been exciting and busy for our VET students.  It was a privilege to see and support so many great events in our Vocational Education and Training subjects. Our students worked independently demonstrating their skills in realistic industry timeframes and ratios. The students received amazing feedback on all their skills demonstrated, we congratulate them on their achievements.

Mrs Gabrielle Killorn – VET Coordinator



Year 11 Catering Event – Mediterranean Food Truck

On Tuesday 4th August, the Year 11.2 Hospitality Class were involved in running their own “Food Truck” style catering event as a part of their service periods. Students were responsible for creating a collective Mediterranean themed menu, consisting of four individual dishes including fettuccine boscaiola, Greek salad, falafel wraps and churros. This experience gave the hospitality girls an excellent understanding of what it is like to work under pressure to meet time restrictions as well as preparing and serving consistent dishes for each customer.

Nektaria Rice and  Georgia Najem


Year 12 Catering Event- Staff Luncheon

Year 12 Hospitality did a wonderful job hosting a staff luncheon as part of their Certificate II qualification in Kitchen Operations. The luncheon was a simulated restaurant style service where the students prepared an Italian themed three course menu and served it to their Year 12 teachers during lunch time.

The students had to work together in a kitchen brigade to plan, prepare and present the three course menu. Students experienced working in the school’s commercial kitchen under realistic industry  time frames to deliver the food on time. 

This luncheon showcased skills learned over the last two years. Teachers were impressed by the speed of service, the students’ work ethic, their cohesive teamwork skills and the overall pride they displayed in their plated meals.

The luncheon was a huge success and enjoyed by all!

Mrs Vivian Kalaitzis – Hospitality Teacher




Year 11 Catering Event – All American Burger Joint

The Hospitality class 11.1 worked together to create an All American Burger Joint on Wednesday 29th July. The class seperated into groups, each group working on a different dish, crispy chicken burgers and  American cheeseburgers, cinnamon chocolate doughnut balls and New Orleans beignets. This service period gave us a good opportunity to practise and challenge our teamwork skills, cookery methods, time management and resilience which reflected the real industry ratios allowing us to experience what it would be like working in a commercial kitchen.

Chloe Manalo


Year 11 Catering Event – Sandwich Cafe

On the 7 of August, Hospitality class 11.1 participated in a competency service period. Students were required to demonstrate correct hygiene and food safety principles throughout the preparation of a variety of sandwiches which were served to the Bethany staff to enjoy.

Zoe Nondas


Year 11 – Entertainment

Year 11 Entertainment used their skills to operate the lighting and undertake stage crew duties for the HSC Drama Trial exams earlier this term. Across the two days, we took turns to operate lighting which involved plotting the lights, following script cues and bringing the lights down at the conclusion of each performance. Stage crew duties involved communicating with performers and moving props and set pieces on and off the stage. These responsibilities helped us to improve our technical skills and gain a better understanding of what it would be like to work in the industry.

Caitlin, Jessica, Natalie and Lily


Year 12 – ECEC Workplacement

During Week 1 and 2 of Term 3 the Year 12 Early Childhood class attended work placement across 5 days working towards completing a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). This experience allowed us to develop our skills and understanding behind the workings of a childcare educator. During this time period we completed our competencies which required us to observe 3 children and document their abilities and the skills they are still to acquire. All workplace environments were welcoming and accepting of our needs providing us with the best guidance and resources. In particular, this work placement has allowed us to build upon our social interactions on a more professional level by interacting with parents/caregivers of the children at the centre.

“During my work placement I attended Learning Links in Peakhurst which specialises in supporting children with special needs. This allowed me to gain experience and understanding by working alongside the educators at the preschool, to learn how to teach and care for these children with their best interests in mind. This experience directed me on the right path for my future career as well as being a fun experience with all the children and educators“

Alexandra Dimitriadis


“This experience has allowed me to start in the right direction on my way to achieving my dream career goal, that of opening my own Childcare centre. Although, having to say goodbye to all educators and children I had formed a relationship with, upon finishing I was pleased to be offered a job position for when I have completed my HSC.”

Giulia Battisti