When all roads lead to Roma…..Capoccia

Year 10 Italian (100hrs) experienced the satisfaction of making and then happily eating an authentic Italian meal in the popular Riverwood establishment – Roma Capoccia.

Our students were expertly guided in how to make the best-tasting arancini, bruschette, fettuccine alla napoletana and tiramisù by the restaurant’s own capoccia (Italian for “the boss”) Federico Lembo and his son, Nicolas. Not only were the students given first-hand experience in working in a restaurant environment, but they also made use of their Italian language skills when talking with the staff. As close as you can get to Rome these days!

Many thanks to all the Bethany Staff who made the transport possible on the day, and to Federico for welcoming us into his restaurant and supplying a generous voucher to the winner of the Menu activity, Amelia Rendina. Buon appetito!





Marco Gianni

Teacher-in-Charge, Languages.