World History- Sydney Jewish Holocaust Museum

Ms Matthews and 10 Elective World History were given an opportunity to visit the Sydney Jewish Holocaust museum on Wednesday the 29th of July. This experience was an emotional, insightful and eye opening experiences that our class felt extremely privileged to have been able to take part in.

Our class had the opportunity to listen to a real life testimony by Eddie who is a 95 years old survivor of the Holocaust. Eddie shared his experiences and challenges he faced during the war, and his experiences in Auschwitz. The emotions and experiences that he described, touched our hearts and made us reflect and consider how grateful and appreciative we are for the life we are able to live.

Our class was then toured around the museum by a volunteer tour guide by the name of Rosie. She guided us through the museum where we were given an opportunity to see letters and photos from World War II, as well as the uniform that had to be worn while in the concentration camp. The Children’s Memorial was a particularly moving experience.

On behalf of 10 Elective World History, we are extremely appreciative and grateful for this unforgettable experience.

Ms Mary Matthews

HSIE Coordinator