World Youth Day

Through July and August of 2016, 18 Bethany girls from Years 10 and 11 will travel to Poland to participate in the World Youth Day festivities in Krakow. The girls, along with Miss Mirabello, Miss Rothwell and students from all around the world will gather to celebrate this special event. We will be travelling on a bus with girls from St Ursula’s Kingsgrove and Holy Spirit Lakemba and we will complete a pilgrimage through Italy, going into Poland where the World Youth Day Week will take place.

Our itinerary is full of exciting things to see and do. From Rome, we will travel up through Italy for a week, stopping in cities including  Assisi, Siena, Florence and finally Pisa. Whilst completing this leg of the pilgrimage, we will stop at many of the significant places in each city such as the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel as well as many of the famous Basilicas including St Peter’s, St Clare’s and St Francis’ just to name a few. After we have finished the Italian part of the pilgrimage, we will fly over to Warsaw, the capital of Poland and then make our way into the city of Czestochowa where will visit famous sights such as the Black Madonna before arriving into Krakow, the hosting city. Throughout the official World Youth Day week we will participate in many festivities including mass, Catechesis with Bishops from around the world, Youth Festivals, Stations of the Cross and of course the Papal Welcome where pilgrims from around the world will celebrate and welcome the Pope to the World Youth Day celebrations. With the accompaniment of the Pope and millions of pilgrims from across the Globe, we will take place in a pilgrimage walk to the venue of the Final Mass. On our last day in Krakow after the World Youth Day week has officially ended we will make our way through Wadowice, into Zakopane where all the pilgrims will participate in a two day retreat to reflect on their time. From Zakopane we travel to Vienna in Austria where we will stay the night and prepare to leave for Frankfurt, Germany where we travel to the next day in order to return home to Sydney on August 6.

“We have very much enjoyed the experience and lead up to the World Youth Day pilgrimage and have enjoyed meeting new pilgrims who will share the same experiences as us. I particularly enjoyed the workshops we participated in with St Ursula’s so we could get to know each other considering we will all be in the same bus group during the trip. Throughout these workshops we took part in various activities where we got to know each other better in preparation for our pilgrimage. I cannot wait to experience the energy and excitement the millions of pilgrims will be giving off when we welcome Pope Francis into the World Youth Day festivities”.

– Chloe Allcorn – Year 10


“I’m looking forward to belonging to a large crowd of young people United by shared beliefs and encountering new people from all over the world”. 

Janice Lewis (Year 10)


“I am excited to meet others who share my faith and go on a journey of better understanding what Catholicism is and what it means to be merciful, all while wearing the most attractive hats ever produced”

Jamie Howe (Year 10)


“I think this will be a great opportunity for all of us to connect with our faith and people from other nations”

Caitlin Micallef (Year 10)